Global Decarbonization

Canada is proudly a world leader in developing the lowest emission LNG under the highest regulatory standards. As the importance of emissions intensity of LNG continues to grow, other countries are looking to Canada’s low-emission LNG to transform their energy systems, reduce energy poverty, and meet their net-zero targets.

Countries such as Japan, are importing natural gas to meet its energy needs right now as a lower carbon fuel and  back up for renewable energy while looking toward a future in which natural gas converted to blue hydrogen will also help power their economies.

Japan, South Korea, China, India, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and dozens more, are all saying “Yes” to LNG, using the tools they have available right now and planning for the continued energy transformation. It is estimated that more than half of future LNG demand will come from countries with net-zero emissions targets.

By further developing our LNG industry, we can play an important role in providing cleaner, reliable, and affordable energy solutions to the world, while accelerating Canada’s energy transition, economic recovery, and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples here at home.

Coupled with Canada’s stringent regulatory framework, social performance, technological innovations, and low carbon energy resources, our LNG industry can play a leadership role in global decarbonization.