BC LNG Alliance response to Province opinion piece “LNG plants get special deal on Hydro, not the people who need it”

December 21, 2016

I would like to respond to Erin Pritchard and Seth Klein’s opinion piece that liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities will get a special deal on hydro rates. The correct information is that the “eDrive” rate for LNG plants is not a subsidy but the same standard rate paid by all industrial customers in B.C.. Charging LNG facilities a higher rate than other industrial customers because LNG is a new industry in B.C., would be the equivalent of charging residents of a newly built subdivision a higher rate because they are new customers.

What a new industry in B.C. does provide, is significant additional revenue to the B.C. government, revenue that will fund the services we rely on such as health and education as well as services for low-income residents. Even one large LNG project would invest billions of dollars into the economy, creating thousands of new jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue on an annual basis when in operation.

David Keane, President, BC LNG Alliance